Wemps Telecoms Ltd is pleased to provide Internet connection services, installation, maintenance and Support for its customers. We have the manpower and expertise in place to provide a full solution to our customers in Africa.

This solutions includes design, planning, installation, commissioning, maintenance and support of the GSM, 3G, GPRS, Microwave backhaul links, Mikrotik, Wimax and Fiber Networks. Our commitment to efficient and quality service delivery is demonstrated by our ability to continuously meet the Telecommunications / ICT installation, integration, and support and maintenance requirements of our customers.

Our engineers have experience in the design, installation, integration, support and maintenance of Telecommunication and ICT solutions deployed in both windows/ linux environments as indicated below. They have also vast experience in integration of Fiber switches, Cisco routers and other types of Telecommunication and ICT equipment.

Below is a summary of our main Internet services:

  • Wimax and Wifi Local Area and Campus Area Networks including VLAN & VPN implementation and structured cabling.
  • Fiber civil works, trenching and manholes construction.
  • Fiber splicing and interconnections.
  • Fiber switches setup, outdoor and indoor cabinets.
  • Radio Planning and design.
  • Microwave installation and maintenance.
  • PABX and IPBX integration
  • Server Setup for Mail, firewalls, FTP, Internet and Intranets.
  • Voip and Video conferencing networks
  • Network testing and commissioning